Monday, February 28, 2011

Weres Are A Witch’s Best Friend

It is my pleasure to have national bestselling author Linda Wisdom as my guest blogger today.

Linda is another one of those authors that make you laugh way too much. Don’t you just love that? I know I do.

Thank you so much for joining us and giving us a little insight on your weres.

A big thank you to Evelyn for allowing me to talk about the weres in my books.

I knew I wanted a were in my books, but with everyone writing about werewolves and a few other shape shifters, I even had various shape shifters in Hex Appeal. But this time I felt the need to do something different.

In Wicked By Any Other Name I had a Border collie hanging around the witches Stasi and Blair, especially Blair. Seems the critter not only mooched free meals, but also managed to spend the night and take up most of Blair’s bed.

At the end of the book it turned out that sexy carpenter Jake Harrison was actually the Border collie and his bite was just as dangerous as his bark.

There was no way I could leave Blair and Jake hanging, so I gave them their own story in Hex in High Heels. Some readers asked me why I chose a dog instead of a wolf. That was easy since I’m a major dog person. Bogie, my Chihuahua/Yorkie, was used for Stasi’s dog, and I already have nefarious plans for Barney, my mini-Schnauzer that will fit his demented personality perfectly.

Why did I create Jake as a Border collie? That’s how he popped into my imagination. Probably because they’re so darn cute and highly intelligent. Plus, who would expect a cuddly looking dog to shape shift into a hunky guy? Who wouldn’t love the idea of a boyfriend who could turn furry and warm you up in a different way during a long cold winter night? Something that doesn’t look threatening after a shift, but is still very protective toward their charges.

How would you feel if you encountered a wolf in the wild? Fear would probably be your first emotion. But would you feel that way if you came across a sweet looking black and white dog that’d cock his head to one side and utter a sweet whine?

Blair and Jake live in a small mountain town where it wouldn’t be unusual to find wolves in the forest, but a dog could wander the town and no one would think twice.

Jake as man and dog was fun to create because I had a two in one personality there.

I have fun creating odd creatures in my books. In my April release, Demons Are A Girl’s Best Friend, I added highly caffeinated ferret messengers to the mix along with demons, goblins, and a disgusting creature called a Bloater.

I’ve been teased that I have a twisted imagination. I think with paranormal and urban fantasy, that’s more a compliment.

If you haven’t read my series, I hope you’ll give it a try. And remember that dog you see rolling around in your front yard just might not be what you think he is.


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Wednesday my guest blogger will be bestselling author Alethea Kontis.


Rebecca said...

Every cuddly looking dog should shift into a hunky guy! Great blog post. :)

Terry Blain said...

I'm a dog person, too. We show our Scotty (Smokey) and Corgi (Bandit) in agility. There are many border collies in agility, and they all have names like, Dash, Quick, Reckless, Havoc, Flash, etc. A border collie named Jake is sure a twist.

Linda Wisdom said...

True, Rebecca. And you have to love the cuddle factor.

Linda Wisdom said...


Couldn't you see a guy named Havoc? Hm, I just might keep that for a demon name!

Funny part was I had the dog in the book before I realized he was Jake the carpenter!

Marie Force said...

I always have issues with heroes named Jake as that is my "little" boy's name! LOL! Great post, Linda!

Lisa Kessler said...

Great blog Linda! :)

I like werewolves, but a border collie who turns into a hunky guy sounds pretty yummy... LOL

Looking forward to the next book!


Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

GREAT post, Linda!
Thanx for sharing a bit of your writing process with us. Your witches are so much fun and I'm looking forward to your half-demon hero in Demons Are A Girl's Best Friend.

And what can I say? I'm a TOTAL dog person, so a shifter who turns into a dog is fantastic in my opinion. ;-)


Linda Wisdom said...

LOL Marie! Jake is the name of my former editor's son's name too. But you have to admit the name fits.

Thanks Lisa!

Thanks AC! And even better if they pick up after themselves. Says the dog mom who's picked up dog toys for the zillionth time.

Lynda K. Scott said...

Great post, Linda! Jake is one of my favorite heroes. He's a hunky hottie AND he's a carpenter! That's enough to make any girl drool, lol

Linda Wisdom said...

Thanks Lynda! And nothing better than a guy who's handy around the house.

Teresa K. said...


I think all shifters no matter what they are, are special in any story. A dog is a great character to use.
When I picture you talking about Jake as a Border Collie, I see loyal giving her unconditional love, protective, etc....

tcwgrlup41 at yahoo dot com

Grace Burrowes said...

Linda, I consider what my bull mastiff would be if he shifted, my Belgian Draft Horse, my big, black, long-haired Petey Pumpkin The Perpetual Purring Machine... It suggests companion animals have heroic qualities--loyalty, protectiveness, affectionate natures--and that YOU have a great imagination.

Ashlyn Chase said...

Great post, Linda!

I used to have a border collie. Beautiful dog, and so good natured.
Best of luck with the book!

Linda Wisdom said...

Very true Teresa. They are very special

Oh Grace, I love mastiffs! Can you imagine what he'd be like as a shifter? Such fun there!

Thanks Ash!