Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Kindle? An iPad? Tell Me How to Win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How would you like to win a Kindle Fire or an Apple iPad?

Here is your chance. I am going to give away one Kindle Fire for every Thousand (1000) Kindle digital sales of my book Lost Magic between February 14th and March 31st. For each Ten-Thousand (10,000) sales reached, I will give away an iPad2. 

Here are the rules:

1. Purchase a copy of Lost Magic, in either book or ebook form, by Evelyn M. Byrne. (This will get you five entries into the drawing.)

2.You will get one entry into the drawing for each one of the things you do from the list below:

  •   Leave a review for Lost Magic on Amazon. 
  •  Leave a review for Lost Magic on Goodreads.
  •  "Like" my fan page on Facebook.
  •  Follow me on Twitter.

3. You must send an email to  with proof of the book purchase and/or tell me anything you did from the list above in order to actually have your entries placed into the drawing. (Not responsible for someone's entry not being placed  into the drawing, due to the fact they did not send an email.) 

Sales for the drawing end March 31, 2012. You have until April 10, 2012 to email your proof of purchase. 

To make sure you are credited the right amount of entries, send only one email after you have completed everything from the list above you wish to do. 

April 15th the names of the winners will be randomly drawn from all entries. If we reached the ten thousand (10,000), twenty thousand (20,000), and so on, mark(s), the first name(s) drawn will be for the iPad(s). Then the Kindle Fires will be drawn.

REMEMBER: Only Kindle sales between February 14, 2012 and March 31, 2012 will determine the number of Kindle Fires and iPads2 that will be given away. However to be fair to all my fans, you may enter the drawing if you purchased an ebook through Kindle or Nook, or if you purchased a paperback/hardcover book since Lost Magic’s release date (December 20, 2011).

This drawing is open to everyone - worldwide 

Prize substitution: Any iPad winners will have the choice of the iPad 2 or a $750.00 Apple gift certificate.  Kindle winners will have a choice of the Kindle Fire or a $200.00 Amazon gift certificate.